Monday, April 18, 2011

Love that Shot ~Spring Fever~

Oh man!
We got it bad around here . . .


Can't wait for more spring like weather - but the snow is melting quickly now!

For the SNOW PHOTOS you'll have to click my FLICKR link to the right :D

But this is what we did this week!

Been waiting all winter for these gorgeous strawberries to become available . . .  sooooo yummy!

just for you

More of our Strawberry tips:
How to's
Fruit volcano's

Kristin ~picasa~ ~flickr~ Sony all the way! Sony A700 & A300  50mm/f1.7 Tokina 28-70 1.2.8, DT18-70mm/f3.5-5.6, DT55-200mm/f4-5.6 loving it!  Personal Blog, Photo Blog

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