Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Amazing FREE Totally Rad opportunity

Here is an amazing FREE opportunity to share with you all!

For a limited time you can download 
the amazingly awesome
Totally Rad's

Rad Lab
download it and try it for FREE for 30 days.
(specs - Mac or PC, photoshop cs3 or later required or photoshop elements 7 or later)

I LOVE it!
And it has saved me more time than you an imagine
(time enough to finally update this blog and share a new interesting blog post!)

PHotographers praise:

"automatically shows me what every RAD action looks like on my pic . . . makes me want to do a little jig every time I open it up . . .Hola to the peeps over at Totally Rad for making my life a little easier and my pictures a lot better", "when RadLab is opened you see your photo on the left and on the right you see all the "actions" on your photo . . . there is no more guesswork as now you have a thumbnail preview . . . you have the ability to save your preferred combinations",  "if you've used their actions or presets you know that Totally Rad is amazing! But RadLab is BEYOND amazing"

I'll share examples from my own editing this week . . . as you can see I'm quite undecided between which of the many custom looks I've created - which is my favorite . . .

I've included my recipe setting below the photos.

Dfam fedits32
(an example of a non recipe photo - now get ready to have some fun!)

recipe sally summer
(Recipe Sally summer - lights out 46%, cool as a cucumber 57%, Claire-ify 48%, EZ burn 47%, flare-up golden 77%, prettyizer 75%)

recipe kristin 90p
(Recipe Kristin - lights on 38%, cool as a cucumber 62%, POS lens 30% then adjust, edge blur 100% then adjust, prettyizer 100%)

recipe warmcross
(Recipe warm crossed - lights on 31%, warm it up kris 124%, EZ burn 100% and adjust, pross crossessed #1 54%)

recipe kristin summer 81p
(Recipe Kristins summer - warm it up kris 65%, ez burn 77%, edge blur 77%, divine light #2 78%, flare-up faded 55%, prettyizer 95%)

recipe kristin lightplus 85
(Recipe Kristins lightplus - oh snap 73%, sugar rush 69%, edge burn 85%, prettyizer 77%, pool party 69%, divine light #2 39%, lights on 26%)

recipe kristin country
(Recipe Kristins Country - lights on 31%, warm it up kris 124%, ez burn 100%, pross crossessed #1 59%, sx70 19%, charcoal bw 51%)

recipe kelsie 82p
(Recipe Kelsie - lights on 34%, warm it up kris 50%, sugar rush 30%, claire-ify 75%, ez burn 100%)

recipe Emily
(Recipe Emily - lights on 99%, ez burn 64% prettyizer 75%)

recipe Cory
(Recipe Cory - lights on 29%, warm it up kris 39%, sugar rush 38%, ez burn 59%, edge blur 100% then adjust, divine light 29%)

Give my recipes a try!

There are many other free recipes out there you can download and import
but for  starters try these free recipes from 
Karine Ardault photography

Kristin ~picasa~ ~flickr~ Sony all the way! Sony A700 & A300  50mm/f1.7 Tokina 28-70 1.2.8, DT18-70mm/f3.5-5.6, DT55-200mm/f4-5.6 loving it!  Personal Blog, Photo Blog

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