Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You Know i LOVE free STUFF!!!


FREE stuff!!!!

And while technically, this isn't exactly free . . .

It's one of the greatest best photography bargains I've run into in a long time.

I joined the 
Rock the Shot
forum about a month ago and have already come to appreciate so much the advice from seasoned photographers who are part of their forum and share both their knowledge of photography and business skills.

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If you have a digital camera and want to really put it to good use, you'll want to check this out.  At the 
consider joining for a period of time to really experience all the opportunities their forums have to offer.

There's a couple bargains I want to emphasize!

ALL their MEMBERSHIPS are currently on sale!

If you use the code RTSLaunch when you join, you get 20% off right now on your membership fee
a trial of one week would be $4.80 which doesn't begin to give you time to really enjoy everything.  (But it's very inexpensive :)

You might want to be like me and jump in with both feet and spring for the annual membership at the discounted price of $40 - it's a bargain for a professional community.

FREE stuff!! - yes for joining you get FREE stuff - it's so cool!

They currently have available not ONE but TWO "members only" freebie packets available for download.  You get get Photoshop actions, Lightroom presets, lovely textures and templates, the list goes on . . .

So see - you really do get something really awesome for FREE!

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