Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pack up . . . were going on a Picnik!

Have you discovered Picnik yet?

One of my favorite photo editing tools next to Lightroom and Photoshop.  The best part about it is the editing can all be completed online.  Every once in a while (like frequently!) I want to edit one of my FLICKR photos without downloading, editing, reuploading . . .

Like this one here!

We went from this photo (which I adore already!)

Nicole J apr'10 700 039

To this one . . . with a completely different look . . .

Nicole text

I started with the photo in FLICKR,
then clicked 'edit in Picnik' under Actions.  Once the photo is loaded into Picnik, there is a ton of stuff you can do!  But I started with the create tab because I was very happy with the photo and didn't want to make any cropping or exposure edits to the photos.

I first converted the photo to Sepia, selecting the exact tone with the color picking tool.  Next I used the soften tool to give it more of an ethereal look.  Added a little vingette and decreased the sliders to the adjustments I desired.

Next I added a texture with the texture tool.  So many fun ones to choose from.  It's great because you get to preview all your choices along the way.  Don't like it?  Just click cancel or the undo button.  It takes right back to where you where before.

With the texture I switched the mode to overlay.  It's fun to try them all out!

That is it!

Send the new 'photo' back over to my FLICKR acct as a NEW file so to not replace the original. 

Presto  - change - o  a whole new look.

There are a ton of editing tools you can use for FREE!  Or for a little bit (like $4.95 a month, or $24.95) a year you gain access to so many more really fun tools!

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