Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Photography Hints and Tips - Picnik

Did you just barely get that cool new DSLR camera?

Now you're trying to learn some new fun and funky ways to take wonderful photos?

Perhaps you can't afford Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

There's something online that is fun, funky, unique
and soooo much fun!


It's almost as much fun as the name sounds like.

a700 137

(here is my SOOC shot - not too bad by itself)

Then I played around and 
picnik - ized it!

Beginning with the "edit" tab
I cropped in close to emphasize that cute expression
"exposure" I increased the exposure, contrast and brightness all just a little nudge
"color" I increased the temperature and saturation just a hair also

Then jump over to the "create" tab
this is where the FUN really begins . . .

Then just very subtly I
added a slight vignette
and added a tiny bit of burlap under texture

and this is what my final edit looks like




Kristin ~picasa~ ~photobucket~~flickr~ Sony a300 just using kit lenses right now: DT18-70mm/f3.5-5.6, DT55-200mm/f4-5.6 & loving it! (But really want a 50mm/f1.7 !! - ha! Got it!) Home Blog, Photo Blog

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  1. Hi Kristin....oh I love makes the picture look like it was taken with one of those 3-D cameras...I will have to check it out. Is that your granddaughter...she's so cute...



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