Sunday, August 29, 2010

Week 35 - Photo Journalism Challenge

While traveling to Paris, France this summer on an 'girls only' trip of a lifetime, some of my favorite memories were the street market of Rue du Foubourg St. Denis. There was a story around every corner. I've just included my favorite ones below:

street market kk



There are many stories out there this week at I Heart Faces, enjoy browsing amongst them all.

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  1. Love the photo of the man fixing the watch. The stack of books behind him, the way he's concentrating...very nice!

  2. How fun I would love to go to France! Great pics!

  3. Hi you lucky to go to paris with the ladies...that must have been wonderful...some of the local blog ladies are talking about putting together a my husband would be able to feed himself while I was gone...not happening any time soon...
    Love the cafe in the first picture "Le Elephant"
    I did get to spend one summer there with daughter while she studied at the was heaven....and believe it or not the husband did not starve to death while we were gone....Men are such babies...Hope you are doing you have any other pictures posted of the trip?

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