Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Some Tricky Editing!

I love photoshop and use it lots for my photography business.  I am also learning more and more about lightroom all the time.  It is my NEW favorite!  Don't know how I lived without it for so long!

That said, I seldom do really hard pro photoshop stuff!  I use about the same 10% of photoshop features every day.  But I really couldn't resist attempting this edit . . .

This is my first attempt and I'm going to redo it as I'm thinking of a different way that would perhaps increase the quality - but wanted to share this . . .

m&r slc a700-155

This was a great shot!  But notice #1 guy on the left . . .

He was a 1/10 of a second behind on his jump, compared to his peers in photo 2 below.

m&r slc a700-156

See his height in this photo?

It would be a shame to use either photo - so I superimposed one photo on top of the other and edited out the parts I didn't want to use of each photo.

Actually, it was much more complicated than that . . . but that's the basic premise.

And ended up with this photo below with a little more tweaks, texture and grain applied.


(don't look THAT closely!!)

I love the new output  - think those guys all look pretty fantastic!

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  1. you should have made his arm behind the guy next to him



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